We offer our clients an elegant "recycling loop" for waste materials containing Ni, Co, Cu, Mo, V and W. Our state-of-the-art installations meet the highest possible standards which guarantee a proper and safe recycling process.

In our modern smelting works we produce non-ferrous metal concentrates out of electroplating slurries and residues. By following metallurgical processes, these concentrates are refined into non-ferrous metals and Ni-, Cu-, Co-, V- chemicals. The cycle is closed by using these chemicals in the electroplating industry.
We recycle spent catalysts from petrochemical industries, chemical industries and from edible oil hydrogenation. With the production of non-ferrous metal concentrates and chemicals out of these spent catalysts, we can offer our customers an unique recycling loop as our chemicals are used as starting material for new catalysts.

For further application in surface technology, copper sulphate is produced out of copper chloride solution generated by electronical industries.

In 2001, Nickelhütte Aue GmbH started to treat precious metals containing waste. The processing takes place in an installation disposing of special requirements due to the special treatment on behalf of all well-known precious metals producers. In 2002, Nickelhütte Aue GmbH expanded its processing spectrum to extend the production by vanadium compounds from NiV-containing filter dusts and - catalysts.

Synergy effects are used by the recycling of transformers. Transformer oil is used to substitute fuel oil in the smelting department. Non-ferrous metals are further processed in other facilities of our plant.

We offer our customers a full range of options for non-ferrous metals at our facilities: non-ferrous metal trade, transformer recycling and alloy smelting, all operating in a coordinated and synergic manner. According to DIN or customer demands we produce red brass, brass and bronze alloys.

The waste heat resulting from the pyrometallurgical processes is used to generate electricity and heat. We are able to satisfy our own energy needs and supply thermal energy to other companies situated in our home town.

As a major local employer we do not only care for the environment but we are also aware of our social responsibilities. We support boys and girls in doing sports activities (handball, football, taewondo, chess). We provide own leisure facilities to the public like a new cinema, an icehouse and bowling alley.