Nickelhütte Aue guarantees high quality and sees the sustainable production of recycled metals as a contribution for present and future generations. It is committed to shaping a good and fair future for its customers, employees and the environment. Social responsibility – on both large and small scales – is an integral part of our corporate culture. We continuously invest in all our business areas – from quality improvement and occupational health and safety to new, environmentally friendly technologies.

Social commitment

Nickelhütte Aue is deeply rooted in the region, and sport plays a special role here. We support this to the best of our ability. From top-class sport and popular sport in the company’s SG Nickelhütte Aue sports association and sponsorship of FC Erzgebirge Aue to the support of social projects. Because responsibility does not end at the factory gate.

Environment and life-cycle assessment

Everyone is talking about the future of the planet and what needs to be done so that future generations will continue to have access to resources and raw materials. We are acting. That’s because the recycling of metals and electronic waste makes an active contribution to climate protection. As a result, millions of tonnes of CO₂ emissions are avoided each year.

Health management

Working in the recycling industry is demanding. That’s why the health of our employees and safety in the workplace have top priority alongside the quality of our products. We are constantly developing measures to maintain and improve health and safety.

Certifications & Downloads

Nickelhütte Aue is synonymous with the latest technology, qualified specialists and almost 400 years of experience. We deliver consistent quality and optimal recycling into the economic cycle. To this end, we regularly undergo certification processes in which our quality is tested according to the most stringent specifications.

We complete the cycle

A consistent circular economy needs a consistently high quality of raw materials. We help ensure that, because processing requires experience and equipment of the highest standard, as well as proper and professional processing. That’s why Nickelhütte Aue is the right choice.